Wings of Russia: Shturmoviks and Frontline Bombers. Over the Battlefield. (Episode 7 of 18)

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» 6am - Apr 10, 2012
In 1943 the Soviet Air Force achieved full superiority in the air. Wave by wave, IL-2 airplanes, almost without any resistant, were delivering blows on defenses of weakening enemy. These shturmoviks received such fame and such trust, that they became a symbol of the Great Patriotic War. Rough and powerful - these are two words, which do entirely characterize IL-2. Soviet soldiers rejoiced, when it suddenly appeared in the sky and swiftly dived on the enemy .IL-2 rightfully was acknowledged as the best strike aircraft of the Second World War. Following aircrafts are featuring in this film: R-5, R-Z, Valti V-11, SU-2, IL-2, IL-8, IL-10, IL-16, IL-20, IL-40, "Pegas", SU-6, SU-8, SB, AR-2, VIT, SPB, BB-22, PE-2, TU-2, "Boston" Douglas A-20/DB-7, IL-22, TU-12, IL-28, MiG-15, MiG-17 - This is a documentary of "Wings of Russia" studio about history of development of Russian Aviation. It contains a lot of unique video footage. The documentary speaks about creation and development of fighters, bombers, helicopters, reconnaissance planes, hydro-planes, planes of civilian Aviation and also about sport and training Aviation, in the USSR and Russia.
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