Wings of Russia: Military Cargo Planes. Winged Heavy-weight Lifters. (Episode 17 of 18)

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» 6am - Apr 10, 2012
Morning of 25th of December, 1979. About 300 military cargo planes are gathered at airfields of Middle Asia. Cargo compartments are filled with military vehicles and landing troops. Order arrives and planes, one group after another, are taking off, with strained roaring engines and raising clouds of dust. What happens there reminds a great migration of people. Such was a picture of entering of Soviet Troops in Afghanistan. Almost 8.000 men, about 900 pieces of military vehicles and thousands of tons of cargo were transported in those first days. All the above was only 2% of the colossal volume of transportations, which were executed by Soviet Cargo Aviation in that war. Following planes are featuring in this film: TB-1, TB-3, LI-2, U-2, R-5, Yak-6, SHE-2, C-47, IL-12D, Ts-25, Yak-14, Tu-4D, Tu-75, AN-8, AN-10, AN-12, Tu-107, AN-22 "Antey", AN-24T, AN-26, AN-32, AN-72/74, IL-76, AN-124 "Ruslan", AN-225 "Mria", AN-70. - This is a documentary of "Wings of Russia" studio about history of development of Russian Aviation. It contains a lot of unique video footage. The documentary speaks about creation and development of fighters, bombers, helicopters, reconnaissance planes, hydro-planes, planes of civilian Aviation and also about sport and training Aviation, in the USSR and Russia.
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