Scientology Exposed! L. Ron Hubbard on Drugs & Occult - Narconon Files

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Host » 6pm - Jul 20, 2012
4sec audio delay - fixed version here: or download: or or ATTENTION: Seems we have some clumsy users here who follow the advertising to ilivid download manager ( Use "slow speed download" (or simply copy url to jdownloader) (perhaps one likes to mirror that version here at his account) Source and more Info here: (rm video format) Documentary from Detroit's Red-Eye Rising Productions Description: Fascinating Weirdness! Was the founder of Scientology and the drug rehab program Narconon a user of Drugs and a Practitioner of Black Magick? Was L. Ron Hubbard working for Naval Intelligence and involved in the drug induced mind control predecessors of MK Ultra? Has Scientologist money been used to import heroin and cocaine? Did L. Ron Hubbard really say not smoking enough cigarettes will cause lung cancer? Why are Scientologists filming events like Canada's Cannabis Day and the Seattle Hempfest? Are Scientologists planning to take over the world and make it Drug-Free? Watch this fascinating video from Detroit's Red-Eye Rising Productions to find out more. Edit: Couldn´t find anything about Red-Eye Rising Productions on the net. If You know more about this production and original title - please comment!
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