The '93 WTC attacks: Al Qaeda/CIA Operatives & The F.B.I.

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Host » 7pm - Jul 20, 2012
The C.I.A. connection to the bombers of the World Trade Center in 1993----how all of them, except the the FBI informant planted in the group, had been on the CIA payroll in Afghanistan fighting the Soviets before they settled in the New York area. Examining events involving entrapment of FBI infiltrated groups where then FBI informant planted on so-called terrorist groups is actually the person who organises and is the key individual in the commission of the crime. The CIA techniques on Psychological Operations for Guerrilla Warfare. In short how our government creates "terrorists" and crimes for their political agenda. Joseph A. Calhoun, broadcast journalist, (He contributed to the Academy Award winning documentary "The Panama Deception")
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