G.I. Joe The Animated Movie (1987)

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Host » 6pm - Aug 31, 2013
Time and time again, Cobra has been on the threshhold of global domination, only to be thwarted by the Joes. Now the ruthless terrorist organization has a new ally, the Cobra-La race, led by Golobulus. Golobulus wants to steal the Joes' "Broadcast Energy Transmitter" in order to ripen space spores and mutate the people of Earth. When Duke is injured and the rest of the force immobilized, it's up to the new "rawhides" and Slaughter's Marauders to pick up the slack and save the world. This was to be feature-length theatrical release. The box-office failure of Sunbow's earlier films "Transformers: The Movie" and "My Little Pony: The Movie", this resulted in the Joe movie going direct to video and TV. Don Johnson ... Lt. Falcon (voice) Burgess Meredith ... Golobulus (voice) Robert Remus ... Sgt. Slaughter (voice) (as Sgt. Slaughter)
Hodnocení: 2.8 (16 Hlasy)

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