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Videa shodující se s "Destination"

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Kategorie: Filmy
Hodnoceno 3
Salut ! Cette vidéo est ma première sur YouTube. Je vais mettre des Films divers et des Pay-per-view de la WWE en entier. Bonne visualisation !
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Kategorie: Dokumenty
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After the walk on our own moon, we began exploring new worlds by remote control, using more and more advanced spacecraft. Among the most successful missions was Voyager II. Launched in 1977, Voyager II explored the outer planets and their weird moons, moving ever deeper into space, into regions completely mysterious to us Earthlings. On board is a gold-coated phonograph record,containing one hundred and sixteen images of Earth and its inhabitants, ninety minutes of music, and an audio essay of Earth sounds. The pace of technology has been so rapid, that Voyager's computing capabilities are outdated, equal to just a fraction of a domestic PC. The computer subsystems on Voyager contain a total of only thirty-three thousand words of memory storage. In 1976, the search for life and the exploration of the solar system continued with the Viking mission. Its destination was Mars. The mission, to land robot explorers on the Red Planet. In 1976, the search for life and the exploration of the solar system continued with the Viking mission. Its destination was Mars. The mission, to land robot explorers on the Red Planet. This is just what the tell us....There is MUCH MORE....
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Click through to earthTV for live webcams from your favourite destination: "The World Live" is watched by more than 5 million viewers every hour on TV stations around the world and features live images from 7 global locations in 90 seconds. It also includes up-to-date local weather information.
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Kategorie: Turismus
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Turquoise, crystal-clear water, powdery-soft white sand, coconut palms swaying gently in the wind and an unrivalled under water world thats the Maldives. Apart from its plant and animal life, the country of more than 1,000 isles is characterised by its diversity. No matter if Robinson, family, wellness or sport enthusiast, every holiday-maker will find a tailor-made range of possibilities here.
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Kategorie: Dokumenty
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The journey starts in Halifax and stretches right across Canada, from east to west and from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Halifax is situated in a deep, well-defined bay on the Atlantic coastline and has one of the most beautiful natural harbours in the world. Ville De Quebec is the capital of the likewise-named province of Canada. In this European-orientated city on the St. Laurence river, French is the main language. In 1608, Samuel De Champlain established it as a centre for the fur trade. The massive and world famous Chateau Frontenac is the city's best known landmark. In Montreal, Canada's second largest city, the massive Basilica, the Oratoire Saint-Joseph, is an important pilgrimage destination and in the charming French-style area of the city which is located between the harbour and the modern banking quarter, numerous old buildings have been restored. In Native American, Toronto means, "Meeting Place" an accurate description for the capital of Ontario Province and Canada's largest city, a multi-cultural city with giant skyscrapers and noisy streets. The CN Tower is the tallest free-standing building in the world and in less than a minute its lift ascends 335 metres to the top. Niagara Falls lies between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario on the Canadian-American border. A trip on the 'Maid Of The Mist' is a magnificent experience where the tremendous power of the water is awesome. Three times a week, the Canadian, with its 30 wagons, 2 locomotives and total length of more than a kilometre, winds its way through the Rocky Mountains the water from which accumulates from mountain glaciers and flows into three oceans: the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Arctic. The capital of the south west province of British Columbia, Vancouver, is located beside the Pacific Ocean and is the third largest city in Canada and one of the most beautiful on the North American continent. A fitting final destination for a tour of Canada's wonderworld of magnificent contrasts.
741 zhlédnutí
Kategorie: Dokumenty
Hodnoceno 3
A very well-crafted documentary with excellent special effects and awesome musical score that outline a basic, affordable and realistically plausible plan for the human exploration of the red planet in the very near future -- as few as just 10 years away (if it can be funded). It shows Dr. Robert Zubrin, aerospace engineer and president of The Mars Society, for the visionary and futurist that he is. Mars, as a destination for our planet's various combined space agencies, is both an amazingly welcoming Earth-like world, as well as a cold, forbidding and distant challenge. Unlike our Moon, Mars will be the stepping stone to the rest of the universe, and will be the first real and sustainable off-world human colony. A great glimpse of our future as a spacefaring species.
699 zhlédnutí
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Subscribe to Moviefone Today: Watch More Unscripted Here: Catch Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon as they talk about their film, The Departed in this Unscripted interview. Moviefone is your destination for local showtimes, theatre information, film reviews and advance tickets. Watch our original series Unscripted (, Six Second Reviews (, and Weekend Movie Preview ( right here! Moviefone's video property is a part of the AOL On Network. Get more Moviefone Read: Like Moviefone: Follow Moviefone:
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Kategorie: Dokumenty
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Fighter, due to its destination, must be superior over any type of aerial vehicles. One of the most important parameters for success is speed. During years of World War II, max speed of piston engine powered fighters had significantly increased. But propeller couldn't already ensure speeds beyond some limits. Exit from this dead-end was seen in construction of fundamentally new type of engine - a jet engine. Following aircrafts are featuring in this episode: 1946 - BI-1, Yak-15, MiG-9, La-150, SU-9 1947 - SU-11, I-350, MiG-19, La-160, La-15, Yak-25 1949 - Yak-23, MiG-15, MiG-17, La-176, SU-17 I-320, La-200, Yak-25, E-2, E-4, MiG-21, SU-7, SU-9, SU-11, Yak-28P, La-250, TU-128 - This is a documentary of "Wings of Russia" studio about history of development of Russian Aviation. It contains a lot of unique video footage. The documentary speaks about creation and development of fighters, bombers, helicopters, reconnaissance planes, hydro-planes, planes of civilian Aviation and also about sport and training Aviation, in the USSR and Russia.
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Subscribe to Moviefone Today: Watch More Unscripted Here: Jim Carrey and Steve Carell interview each other and answer questions from viewers about their animated movie, Horton Hears a Who. Moviefone is your destination for local showtimes, theatre information, film reviews and advance tickets. Watch our original series Unscripted (, Six Second Reviews (, and Weekend Movie Preview ( right here! Moviefone's video property is a part of the AOL On Network. Get more Moviefone Read: Like Moviefone: Follow Moviefone:
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Kategorie: Turismus
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Documentary on the Trans-Siberian Railway in Russia. For those who travel for the pleasure of the journey, those who believe that getting there is as much fun as being there, Russia's Trans-Siberian Railway has long been an almost mythic experience. It is the longest continuous rail line on earth, each run clattering along in an epic journey of almost six thousand miles (or about ten thousand kilometers) over one third of the globe. For most of its history, the Trans-Siberian journey has been an experience of almost continuous movement, seven days or more of unabated train travel through the vast expanse of Russia. A great part of the pleasure of such a trip is simply sitting back and watching the land go by. However, most travelers on the Trans-Siberian find that interaction with other passengers, both Russians and tourists, is what makes the trip an unforgettable experience. Today, with far fewer travel restrictions, it is possible to use the rail journey as the core of a more varied tour. Travelers can enjoy stopovers in many of the Russian cities and towns along the route, from the historic Volga port of Yaroslavl to Irkutsk and the scenic Lake Baikal region.
709 zhlédnutí
Kategorie: Dokumenty
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Argentina is the second largest country in South America and a captivating land of tango, adventure and breathtaking nature. Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and the most European city in South America with buildings that are reminiscent of bygone times. The mighty Plaza De Mayo is the historic heart of the city, along with the presidential palace, the Casa Rosada and the Catedral Metropolitana. Today the tango is performed in each corner of the city and in the nineteenth century poor immigrants from Italy and Spain settled in Buenos Aires. We visit an estanzia, a feudal residence of the beef barons who once settled on the endless plains of the pampas and who built their farmhouses according to the rustic designs of the nobility. From Salta Station we begin a fascinating train journey on the Tren A Las Nubes, the "train into the clouds",.which will climb to more than three thousand metres above sea level along one of the highest railroads in the world. The Los Glaciares National Park is a mixture of lakes, glaciers, mountains and untouched wilderness yet despite the harsh climate the local vegetation captivates due to its diversity. Our journey comes to an end. From north to south, through cities and pampas to glaciers and mountains, Argentina is a dream destination come true!
655 zhlédnutí
Kategorie: Dokumenty
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Brazil (Portugese: Brasil) is a country of both the superlative and also amazing contrast, with dynamic metropolises, cultural centres and untouched nature. We begin our journey in Rio De Janeiro, the secret capital of Brazil, a veritable firework display of unashamed joie de vivre, football, samba and religion. The Rua Do Ouvidor, with its elegant old buildings and splendid shops, is a reminder of the city's historical and commercial importance. In former times the coastal towns were protected by fortresses and canons. Paraty was one of those romantic locations, south of Rio on the Costa Verde, a gem dating back to Brazil's colonial times. Around five hundred kilometres north of Rio and deep within the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, is a most remarkable place. Ouro Preto was discovered at the end of the seventeenth century by Portuguese gold prospectors who discovered 'black gold' that changed colour due to its iron content. São Paulo is one of the mega cities of the twenty first century and with a population of twenty million it is the economic heart of Brazil. The railway helped to transport cotton and later coffee, and its large station, with British-designed clock tower, became an important symbol. Brazil is synonymous with sunshine, samba and exotic nature, a dream destination full of both adventure and constant fun.
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Kategorie: Dokumenty
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In the North of Tanzania is one of Africa's finest natural landscapes, the Serengeti. From endless grass covered savannahs to dense rain forests the large variety of landscapes as well as many species of wildlife is really quite remarkable. The Massai have retained their age-old traditions and the pastures at the bottom of the Ngorongoro Crater are ideal for their herds of cattle. The two hundred and sixty square kilometre Ngorongoro Crater is not only a wonder of nature but also home to an impressive number of animals. The bottom of the crater is covered with grass and several watering holes provide a perfect habitat for large herds of wild animals. In the second half of the twentieth century two British archaeologists and anthropologists made several striking discoveries in the region. In the Oldupai Canyon they discovered a Hominid skull that made both explorers world famous as the almost two million year old skull was the oldest prehistoric discovery of human existence ever found. Each morning two balloons take off from the Massai Kopjes in the centre of the National Park on a one hour journey above the Serengeti. Depending on wind and weather conditions the balloon rises to an altitude of more than three hundred metres above sea level. The pilots often navigate their balloons close to the ground and just above the treetops when most of the animals run away at the sight of the hot air balloon and the strange sound caused by its burner. Gazelles, gnus and buffalo crowd into their favourite pastureland that is usually located close to various watering holes while vultures are always to be found close to the herds and are always ready to take advantage of a dead or dying animal.
708 zhlédnutí
Kategorie: Dokumenty
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An extensive, scant desert landscape surrounds the Petrified Forest National Park, east of Arizona. Two hundred million years ago this region was a swampland inhabited by various species of dinosaur whose fossilised remains can be found throughout the park. The sight of the magnificent rock formations of Bryce Canyon to the southwest of Utah is a truly breathtaking experience. In their native tongue the region's Paiute Indians once named this remarkable place as, "Red rocks that stand like men in a bowl-shaped canyon". Since the first settlers arrived in Bryce Canyon many have found it difficult to describe this beautiful and unique world of natural stone. The sheer vastness of the region along with its seemingly endless variety of rock formations makes any visit a rewarding and memorable experience. It is from the steep cliffs of New England's coast to the north of the State of Maine that the power of the sea manifests itself and as soon as the mist begins to clear in the Acadia National Park the view reveals the magnificent forests that have made it such a popular sightseeing destination. From September to the end of November, the forests of New England shine out in remarkable and truly amazing colour. Surrounded by the grey limestone of the Muddy Mountains the rocks in the Valley Of Fire, the oldest state park in Nevada, glow with a remarkable intensity. The red rocks do indeed appear to burn in a magical fire that seems to transform them into stone. Mono lake is the greatest crater lake in the world and although it is one of the oldest lakes in North America its water is three times as salty as the sea! Situated in the state of Utah the Arches National Park is one of the most famous national parks in North America and owes its fame to its fantastic sandstone arches. In spite of its comparatively modest size of three hundred square kilometres it boasts one of the most magnificent landscapes in the entire south west of the United States.
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